LED wall light for outdoor and indoor lighting

If you are looking for the light fixture that can be used indoor and outdoor to make your purchasing easier, then the wall light can be the right one for you. There are many kinds of wall light in various price for choose. For indoor use, you can select those that protection level is lower. For the outdoor use, pick the wall lights with at least has IP65 protection level to resistant to the outdoor environment. In this way, you can save some money, if you choose all wall lights with high protection level; you will pay more for its initial price.

Consider to the daily use energy consume, you can select the LED wall light which is with high efficient to help save your energy bills. If you think LED wall light is not enough saving, then the solar LED wall light will be your choice. Of course, the solar LED wall light is normally used outdoor. Use the solar power to operate the LED wall light, you can use no electronic power for the outdoor lighting. What’s more, because of the solar power, you do not need to connect the electronic power with wire, which make your LED wall light installation easier.

You can use the LED wall light to illuminate the garden pathways, create a romantic atmosphere for install them on the balcony and so on. For the indoor LED wall light, it is the best light fixture to mount along your stairs and the walls for illuminating and beautifying. On the market, there are thousands of LED wall light with different shapes, designs and colors to help you decorate a unique and amazing home.

LED underground light for garden lighting

Among the outdoor illumination, the underground lighting is a popular choice which can hide the light fixture underground to save install space and keep the lighting harmonious with the nature. In order to get more excellent lighting effect and avoid the troubles for maintenance and replacement, the LED underground light is the best choice for beautify no matter your personal garden or for the public area.

LED underground lights which very high protection level, it can illuminate gardens, yards and patios beautifully, and they’re a useful tool for accenting any landscape. With the LED chip as light source, it save the energy bills for daily use, has longer lifespan to avoid the frequent replacement and maintenance work. Of course, it is environment friendly, does not contain any harmful substance, so it is very healthy for family use. Its lighting is soft and bright enough to illuminate the pathways, sideways and other parts of the garden. By installing different color LED underground light, you can get rich colors in the garden.

The LED underground light are blend in with the landscape better, because the lamps are buried in the ground and sit flush with the yard or patio. Thus, they’re easier to work around, and they’re also less likely to become a nighttime walking hazard. The up lighting of the underground light illuminates the projects around and creates a romantic atmosphere for the garden.

Of course, you can freely use the LED underground light indoor to enrich the lighting. You can install the underground light on the stairs or on the living room floor to outline some special shape.

Let the LED stage light shine your party up

When go to the theatre to enjoy the plays or the music shows, we are surprised by the amazing lighting that reflects the stage colorful at the right time. I think many of us will want to make our own party to full with these colorful and shining lights to make it funny and attractive. In fact, it is totally not a difficulty if you know how to distribute the lighting. In order to make the preparation of the party to be simple and save time, the LED stage light is a good helper for bring colorful lighting.

LED stage lights can offer you great versatility for lighting designers due to their low power usage. And compared with tungsten or halogen-based lamps, the LEDs have reduced heat output. However, the light quality and output are not the same for LED lights as for older lamp types, so you need to pay attention to the specifications on your LED fixtures before you commit to using them in your design.

Now on the market, there are many portable and small LED stage light with rich lighting effect for home party use, so when prepare for a home party on your house, you can purchase some LED stage light to offer different and funny lighting effect for making the party wonderful. In this way, you can save more money on the light fixtures and save decoration time.

With the LED as light source, the LED stage light has all the advantages of LED light, such as energy-saving, longer lifespan, eco-friendly and so on. It can provide more comfortable lighting for the party and with less use troubles at the same time.

Simple LED panel light meets for various lighting occasions

When talking about the office lighting design, we will easily think off the panel light which is mounted on the ceiling, does not occupy the extra installation space to make the room tidy and comfortable. In the past, the traditional penal light emits a lot heat when lighting which pollute the environment and consume more energy. Now, thanks to the technology development, the LED panel light can emit bright enough lighting while save energy.

LED panel light solution is ideal for offices, retail space, corridors, public buildings and many more applications. The panels are designed for broad light distribution providing general illumination minimizing glare and maximizing light uniformity.

Compare to the old panel light, LED panel light enjoy its unique advantages:
Energy Efficiency
Up to 80% more efficient than fluorescent lights, significantly reducing running cost. Last up to 10 times longer than traditional lamps and give you 50,000 hours of maintenance-free lighting or in normal use 10 years.

Easy Installation
Installation and replacement that takes minutes make our Panels easy to introduce to your workplace.

Stylish Appearance
The clean and attractive style means that they seamlessly fit into any workplace.

Use the LED chip as light source, the LED panel light can emit different colors to meet the various lighting demands. If you want to install the panel light in office, the cold white is bright and comfortable for paper and computer work. If for the home living room lighting, it is recommended the warm white or RGB panel light to add sweet atmosphere or the funny color

LED lawn light offers healthier and bright yard lighting

If you like to enjoy the summer outdoor landscape with families after dinner, then you will find there are various lighting offer colorful lights to make your walking convenient and funny. With the development of the technology, now there are thousands of light fixture can be used in outdoor environment, while the LED lawn light is one that use LED as light source, offer more comfortable, stable and bright lighting with less energy and is environment friendly.

LED lighting is energy efficient and can provide a more modern look to your landscape lighting. Even if you currently have a halogen system, you may be able to convert it to LED. LED lawn lighting has many advantages, including:

Higher energy efficient — LED lights are 90% more efficient than bulbs used in traditional landscape lighting systems.

Less insect activity — Unlike LED lights, halogen light bulbs emit UV light, which attracts insects. By switching to LED lawn lights, you can potentially decrease insect activity in recreational areas like your backyard.

Better visibility — When LED lawn lighting first came out, residents were weary of using them as they produced only a faint glow. Now, you are able to choose from a variety of light intensity and hues of LED lights. In areas such as walkways and stairs, using high intensity LED lights could help prevent accidents.

If you have a personal backyard, then it is time to replace the old lawn light with the high efficiency LED lawn light to enjoy more comfortable and healthier lighting when save a large amount of energy cost.

LED stage light is necessary for the show time

In the nowadays, people like to enjoy a richer after work free life, such as the series outdoor activities, the wonderful movies or the theatre with families. We can easily understand these activities are often done at the afternoon when most people need to work at the daytime; therefore the lighting has become more and more important to offer a convenient and funny lighting for the series activities.

For those who like the theatre, the vocal concert or other shows, they will not strange to the stage light that makes the stage full with amazing colors to add more charming to the shows. With the technology development, now the LED stage light is here to emit more excellent and changeable lighting to the stage.

LED stage lighting now is widely used in many theater, music shows and some other kinds of parties, for it can create best dj lighting effects to the live scene, maximized people’s party experience. So, there is no doubt, a good preparation of the stage lighting is so important. Led stage lighting is often connected and controlled by the digital multiplex communications protocol, which is the DMX, this system can allow up to 512 individual channels to be connected and operated with DMX three-conductor cable.

With the color adjust feature, it is easy to show the different colors in various patterns to make the stage to be beautiful and attractive. It is very suitable to add charming for your personal home party too. With several LED stage light, you can make your party a unforgettable and enjoyable one.

LED string light makes your party funny

When it is the holiday, we will have small or big parties to celebrate the day with families and friends. In the party decoration work, we will always think of the string lights because it is totally the ideal light for party use. The good thing is with the development of the technology, now the LED light is with more excellent performance to allow us use outdoor. The LED string light is one that is very welcomed in party lighting field.

They come in a range of colors that include blue, green, red, white and warm white that can come with either 10m with 100 lights with a total wattage of 6W or 20m with 200 lights with wattage of 12W. The string light sets last up to 50,000 hours of life and have eight different control functions including waves, sequential, chasing/flashing, slow fade, twinkle, combination and more.

The LED String Lights can be used in many ways and placed including on trees, around poles, on roofs; you can wrap them around your balconies and verandas. Because there are even hundred small LED bulbs with different changeable colors on the string light, so the LED string lights can easily make your party full with rich colors to add a funny atmosphere.

If your party is a indoor one, the LED sting light also shows its charming. Hanging the string lights on the ceiling, walls and on the sofa at will, the colorful light with different shape and patterns will make your room have a relaxing and warm atmosphere to help your guys enjoy the party.

LED grow light saves more for your gardening lighting

For the people who like to cultivate the vegetables and flowers at their garden, a good lighting effect grow light will be help a lot for the plants growing. But the problem is the traditional grow light consumes too much energy for daily lighting and is not environment friendly. Now, with the rapid development of the technology, the LED light has excellent lighting effect with no pollution features, which has become the mainstream of the future lighting.

With the LED as the light source, the LED grow light use less energy while offer different brightness lighting for plants growing in various periods. LED grow lights have the ability to create light from a particular wavelength spectrum, which is a unique benefit that oftentimes results in bigger, healthier plants. In addition, LED grow lights are last longer (50,000-60,000 hours) and run cool. You can touch a LED grow light that’s been running for days on end and it will still feel cool.

It’s important to note that since LED grow lights run cool, you can place them closer to your plants’ canopy. It’s a common mistake for gardeners to burn their plants by placing them too close to their grow lights. Thankfully, however, this isn’t a problem with LED grow lights since they never heat up.

Compare to the traditional grow light, when emit the same brightness lighting, the LED grow light use only half energy than the traditional light while do not contains any harmful substance such as the mercury. It would be the ideal choice for helping your plants grow well.

LED jump rope make your child enjoy more fun

The fun is the very necessary thing for children to enjoy their times. I believe all of us have played the jump rope with our childhood friends when we were little children. But in our childhood age, the jump rope is very simple. Now with the development of the technology, the children can enjoy funny LED jump rope now.

With the LED inside, the LED jump rope can emit soft light in various patterns. When turn on the switch and jump with the rope, the light will give off beautiful soft light and the lights form a beautiful pattern to let you and your friends enjoy more fun.

Jump roping has been a classic past time and exercise for as long as we can remember! With multicolored LEDs, you can now create a light show with LED jump rope. This jump rope measures inches long, equipped with easy to grip handles, a button that will turn the lights on and off. Batteries are included and installed.

If you have little child, you can purchase the LED jump rope to them as the gift. It is a little bit long for them but I believe they will love it. The lights look spectacular, especially in the dark. On the market, there are thousands of patterns for your choice, so you can select the unique one to let your child to be outstanding when use the LED jump rope.

LED pet harness adds safety for your dog

Do you feel unsafe when going out with your love dog for walking in the evening? You always need to worry about their safety to avoid they go too far so hurt by the vehicles or can’t find them easily in the dark. If you have these troubles, then you can consider the LED pet harness to make your dog to be noticed by the drivers and easy to find it out.

With the LED light glows and flashes in darkness, whether you walk your beloved dog at or after dusk or before dawn, the two of you will be vividly visible to traffic with one of this amazing glow and LED flashing lights dog harness. Sizing for each dog is unique. Similar to our clothing and accessory, medium size from one designer is not the same for another. For example 9-pound yorkie model usually fits either one of three sizes depending on the designer. We highly recommend you measure your pet precisely with a flexible tape measure to ensure the best fit. LED pet harness and leash are powered by individual LED bulb, provide better visibility in greater distance. Its sturdy nylon fabric provides maximum durability and protection from rain and water.

With the soft but bright lighting on the harness, you can feel free to walk your loved dog at night without the worry about their safety. The light will let you can the driver see the dog clearly.